UW Course Guide

This always happen doesn't it ! You clearly remember a bus station just nearby, but after a walking back and forth 10 times you simply give up as the bus stop simply disappear. Now with UW Bus, just press the show my location button on the top, you can easily find any Metro Transit Bus stop within Madison.

With Real Time bus arrival info, you can easily check the bus arrival time for the next three bus of any Metro Transit Bus stop, With data provided by the official Metro Transit company, It’s accurate to the minute, No more checking you watch again and again.

Real Time bus location let you find exactly where all the buses are, With a single tap an it shows you the Vehicle No. and where it is heading, combined with 'Real Time Arrival', it really gives you a sense how long you have to wait.

Goole Map don't have Real Time Arrival but it has a great Route Planner, So can you have both? With UW Bus you can! With the new Search function you can plan your travel without switching between Google Map and UW Bus.

The Sidebar contained All the Routes provided by the Madison Metro Transit, Choose any of them to see a particular Route on the map and all its Stops along the Route. You can Also Turn On the 'Realtime Bus Location' of that Route.

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